10 fixes to try if Android hotspot is not working

10 fixes to try if Android hotspot is not working

You’re on vacation and don’t have access to Wifi, but you do have your laptop. The only thing keeping you linked to your office is your cellular data. There is an emergency need to send your product proposal to an international client. So, what are your thoughts? Yes, you utilise your mobile hotspot to connect your laptop to the internet. Your internet problems have been resolved, and you may now exhale a sigh of relief. Assume your Android hotspot isn’t working.

You will no longer be able to send email to the client, which might be a game changer for you as a business owner. This is why we have come up with some fantastic methods for how to solve Android hotspot not working. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Making sure the internet connection is available

Many Android users share their hotspot connection in order to use it on other devices such as tablets or laptops. Even if the connection is stable, users cannot launch any online page or application if the android hotspot is not connected to the internet. Have you ever considered why this occu?rs

This occurs when your internet plan expires. To avoid this problem, it is recommended that you set a daily data plan restriction. If this appears too complicated, contact your service provider and request that they enrol you in a plan with unlimited data everyday.

Turning off the Wifi and switching it back on

There is a risk that your wifi is having trouble getting the connection in some situations. In this scenario, you can try turning off wifi and then turning it back on. Swipe down the bar from the top edge of your Android mobile device. There will be a wifi option available. Turn it off and then back on again.

Restarting your phone  

Computers and smart phones have comparable operating systems. When your computer unexpectedly hangs, your first reaction is to shut it down. After restarting it, you notice that your computer is now operating normally. The same thing occurs with your Android device. When you restart your phone, a lot of issues, glitches, logs, and device cache are cleared. So a simple restart is all that is required to resolve the Android hotspowith t no internet problem.

Recreating your hotspot

This entails removing your old password from your hotspot and replacing it with the new one. Change your old password and create a new one. You have just created a new hotspot for your Android device. If this solution does not work, we will go to the next.

Turn off the power-saving mode

Since you disabled power saving mode on your Android handset, the hotspot has been malfunctioning. Follow the procedures below to accomplish this.

  • Navigate to the battery option, which may be found in your phone’s settings menu.
  • Now, select the power saving option and toggle it off.
  • After that, double-check your hotspot connection. This should resolve your problem.

Checking the bandwidth

The most recent smartphones have a 5GHz frequency. Others lack this feature. This implies that even if you employed a technique to force your Android to use 5GHz, your hotspot would fail if your phone isn’t compatible with 5GHz.

To resolve this issue, follow the steps below.

  • First, you need to reconnect your Android phone to the supported bandwidth of 2.4Ghz.
  • To accomplish this, navigate to the settings menu and select the network and internet option.
  • Then, select the hotspot and tethering option, and last, select wifi hotspot.
  • You will now have an option known as the AP band. Here, select the 2.4GHz option.

Checking the receiving device

It is possible that your hotspot is working well, but your receiving device is not. Because the receiving device may have a hardware or software issue, your hotspot may not be managing a good connection.

Factory reset

If you factory reset your phone, all of your data will be erased and it will restart as if it were brand new. To do this, go to your settings tab and then search for factory reset. This will remove all problems from your phone and reset it to factory settings. Check your wifi connection once more to ensure it is operational.

Finding out a phone service provider

If none of the aforementioned alternatives work, it’s time to look into a reputable phone repair service. This is where Carlcare comes into play. Carlcare comes to mind when people think of resolving cellphone troubles for Infinix, TECNO, or tel. If the hotspot on your TECNO, Infinix, or itel phone is not working, you can find a Carlcare service center near you to have it repaired.

Additional mention:  

The current generation of smartphones contains a feature that turns off your hotspot after a few minutes of inactivity. This may cause problems with your hotspot. To avoid this, uncheck the box that says “automatically turn on the wifi.”

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