10 Hacks How To Fix Headphone’s Microphone That Doesn’t Work

10 Hacks How To Fix Headphone’s Microphone That Doesn’t Work

It differs a little bit from a typical headset to have a set of headphones or earbuds that came with your mobile phone, that you bought for online gaming, or simply to use for voice chats with pals.

Because these headphones contain a built-in microphone, you can talk on the phone while listening to music. Those microphones occasionally malfunction or break, making it impossible for you to use them normally.

Why My Headphone’s Mic Is Not Working

There are 7 reasons why your headphone’s mic doesn’t work:

  1. Headphone Jack Issue (Male Jack).
  2. Lint/Dust/Debris On Mic Mesh Screen.
  3. Dust Or Dirt On Device Player Socket (Female Jack)
  4. Cable Or Cord Issue.
  5. Loose Connectivity.
  6. Audio Jack Mismatching.
  7. Cheap Headphones.

Headphone Jack (Male Jack) Issue: 

The audio jack (male plug) may have a flaw, which is usually the result of improper use, and this is a frequent cause of your headphone’s microphone malfunctioning at times.

Lint/Dust/Debris On Mic Mesh Screen:

Due to frequent use, there is a potential that your earbuds or headphones will become dirty or dusty, especially on the mesh microphone screen. In this situation, the microphone won’t pick up your speech.

  • The female jack socket of your media player device or mobile phone, which you are using and connecting your headphones, may have dirt or lint in it, which prevents a clear physical connection from being accomplished between your headphone’s jack plug and the device socket. This is another typical reason why your microphone isn’t working.
  • Issue With Cable Or Cord: If your microphone isn’t working, it could also be due to a damaged cable or internal cords, so carefully check your headphone cord.

Loose Connectivity:

Another contributing element to this problem is a sloppy connection between the male audio connector on your headphones and the socket on your media player (female jack).

Audio Jack Mismatching:

Some media players or devices have audio-only stereo audio sockets (female jacks) inside them, thus they won’t detect the fourth ring in your headphone male jack, which has four rings and three black rings (the mic connector in the jack).

Cheap Headphones:

I was astonished to discover that there isn’t actually a connection between the mic and the socket and the speakers when I unlocked the headphone caps and disassembled a cheap headset that I bought for testing and adjustments. It’s strange that they just included the microphone’s outside look and not its actual presence inside the headphones.

10 Hacks On How To Fix The Microphone On My Headphone?

Hack 1 – Check & Fix The Headphone Male Jack

Your microphone may not function properly if your headphones have male connectors; this is a common source of the problem and can result from the misuse of the device or from regular use over time.

So if you discovered that the problem stems from a broken audio jack on your headphones, you can easily fix it at home by severing the wire close to the jack connector and following my instructions in the video below:

Hack 2 – Clean Your Mic Mesh Screen

The problem may be resolved by properly cleaning the mic mesh screen on the headphones, which gets dusty frequently.

You can use a used toothbrush to gently brush the mesh screen on your headphone microphone, or you can follow the same procedure using a toothpick or a paper clip and cover it in a thin layer of toilet paper before carefully brushing it.

Hack 3 – Clean Your Media Device Player Socket

Your media player’s female socket needs to be cleaned if you occasionally hear a cutting sound coming from your headphones in addition to finding that the microphone isn’t functioning properly. To test whether this is the case, try flipping the jack while it’s inserted into your media device socket (female jack) left and right.

Use a toothpick or paper clip and wrap it in a thin coating of toilet paper to clean the media player socket. Then, try brushing the toothpick or paper clip against the walls of the socket to remove any lint or debris.

Hack 4 – Check & Fix Your Headphone’s Cord

Examine the wire from the audio jack to the end where it connects to the headphone’s speaker for any specific damage or cuts. Headphone cords or cables may be damaged someplace, preventing the mic from functioning properly. If the cable can be replaced, you might need to do so if you think the cord is to blame.

You may also cut the chord where it was damaged, stretch the short portion with an audio cable that is the desired length, and then fix a new jack at the end using the methods I described in Hack 1 above.

Hack 5 – Check The Jack To Socket Connectivity

Female jacks (sockets) feature a kind of internal mechanism that, when inserted, locks the audio jack and creates a link to send the audio impulses to your headphones.
When inserting your headphone jack into the socket, does it feel loose or come off easily when you pull it? If so, you need to replace your media device socket. If this mechanism has a problem or the spring is fraying or damaged, there won’t be proper connectivity with your headphone’s audio jack.

Hack 6 – Check The Jack To Socket Mismatch

A headphone or earbud with a microphone causes its audio jack to have four rings instead of three, which is where the mismatch occurs. This is a very important point that could happen to you. Some media players have a stereo socket that basically consists of three connectivity to a stereo audio jack (of three rings and two black stripes like in the below image).

Hack 7 – How To Fix AirPods Mic – If You Have Apple Airpods Mic Issues

  • Siri Settings Issue: If your Airpods mics don’t work while you trying to call Siri, then you might need to check the Access option in your iPhone setting as below:
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go To Siri.
  3. Make sure “Access When Locked” is set to “On”.
  • Automatic Selection Issue: Another solution is by changing the settings of your Airpods Mics in your iPhone settings from Automatic to Right and Left, then back to Automatic, you should be able to change the settings while your Airpods are connected to your iPhone:
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Bluetooth.
  3. Tap on the information icon beside your AirPods name.
  4. Go down and tap on Microphone.
  5. Tap on Always Left AirPod & Always Right AirPod.
  6. Tap back on Automatically Switch AirPods.
  • Removing And Adding Your AirPods: This is also a common troubleshooting step that many are trying and mostly solves any issues related to your AirPods:
  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Bluetooth.
  3. Tap on the information icon beside your AirPods name.
  4. Tap on Forget This Device.
  5. Pair your AirPods again with your iPhone by enabling Bluetooth in your mobile, then pressing the Setup button on the AirPods case.

Hack 8 – Check Your Media Device Settings

It’s not always the case that a microphone won’t work when you’re using a computer, smartphone, or other media player that supports one; instead, you should check your media player’s audio settings to see if the microphone is turned off or disabled, or at the very least, check its volume because it might be in mute mode.

Hack 9 – Check Your Headphone’s Warranty

You should always check the warranty on your headphones whenever you experience a functional problem, especially if it was caused by physical damage rather than a defect in the product.

Any item you buy comes with a guarantee, and in some cases, if the flaw was the fault of the manufacturer, they might replace your item right away.

Hack 10 – Buy A New Headphone Unit

The final thing you should think about is purchasing brand-new, high-quality headphones. Since you have no other options and your current headphones have become outdated and have started to degrade, you must choose this course of action.

But always treat your headphone gently and store them in their case after each use. If you decide to buy a new pair, think about choosing a high-quality headphones that will last for a long time with little chance of experiencing problems. In my opinion, Koss Porta Pro headphones are the best option in all situations.

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