16 Best Bike Helmets in India – Reviews & Buyer Guide

16 Best Bike Helmets in India – Reviews & Buyer Guide
16 Best Bike Helmets in India – Reviews & Buyer Guide

Today, I’ll talk about the greatest motorcycle helmets from India’s top brands, which are quite effective as safety gear for riding motorcycles in cities or on highways.

Men, particularly the younger generation, are very interested in two-wheelers such as Cruiser Bikes and Sports Edition Bikes.

Yes, as a member of the younger generation, I have a strong affinity for motorcycles, and to be honest, I am a bike enthusiast.

However, when riding these machines, we must be extremely cautious of our own safety and wear protective biking gear.

Even though Indian roads are in poor condition, the majority of metropolitan roads acquire potholes over time.

In India, the rate of two-wheeler accidents is quite high, owing to poor road conditions.

Another factor is that few individuals follow traffic laws; the majority are too preoccupied with their daily lives to stop for a second to let others pass.

Pedestrians cross the road dangerously every time, endangering themselves, their passengers, and drivers.

You have no control over this, but you can at least wear the essential bike accessories to help save your life by reducing the amount of damage in the event of an accident.

We enjoy riding fast like the riders in MotoGP, but keep in mind that they are well-equipped with motorcycle accessories such as a helmet, riding jacket, gloves, armored pants or knee pads, and back protectors.

Which is the best helmet in India for bike?

ISI approved, nice build quality, tight fit, air should not get inside or else it will be noisy inside, which is distracting while riding, and Multilayer EPS, in my perspective.

This varies depending on the individual; nonetheless, one must get a helmet that fits perfectly, has adequate interior cushioning, and adequate ventilation.

Aside from that, the helmet should be as light as possible, otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to wear on a long trip or on bumpy roads.

Finally, look for a helmet with an ISI certification mark. It is a mark of a high-quality product created in accordance with Indian government criteria, and our Supreme Court of India has also mandated that only ISI-certified helmets be worn.

What type of helmet is legal in India?

Make sure the ISI certification mark is visible on the rear of the helmet before you buy it.

In India, ISI-certified helmets are legal and standard; however, only wear them if the SC orders it; otherwise, if traffic cops find you, you’ll have to pay a fine, according to the source.

As required by the Supreme Court of India, ISI-approved helmets must be worn at all times. If you’re buying a helmet online or elsewhere, be sure it’s ISI certified.

Types of Bike Helmets that you’ll find in the market

Open face:

Most Scooty owners and middle-aged riders wear this sort of bike helmet, which is one of the most frequent. Open face helmets allow you a lot of airflow inside, which helps to keep your face and head cool.

Full face:

This sort of helmet is popular among racing bike owners and the younger generation. They have a complete visor as well as chin protection. This helmet type offers greater protection to the rider in the event of an accident.

Modular helmets:

They’ve also been referred to as flip-up helmets. This helmet is a hybrid of the two types of helmets mentioned above, namely full face and open face.

On humid days, you can use it as a full-face helmet, but if the ventilation is insufficient, you can flip it up and use it as an open-face helmet.

11 Most popular bike helmet brands in India that you must know:

  1. SMK
  2. LS2
  3. Vega
  4. Studds
  5. Axor
  6. Steelbird
  7. Yahama
  8. ARAI
  9. MT Helmets
  10. THH Helmets
  11. Royal Enfield

My Selection Process

  • ISI Certified
  • Multi-layer eps
  • High impact abs material shell
  • Scratch-resistant clear visor
  • High retention
  • Customer Ratings & Reviews

16 Best Bike Helmets from the best brands in India 2022

Vega Off-RoadFull faceSports, Commuter bikes
Studds MarshallOpen faceCommuter bikes
Steel Bird 3324 Adonis DashingFull faceSports Bikes
Vega Off-Road OR-D/V-SKT-DKS_M SketchFull faceSports Bikes
SMK MA271 TwisterFull faceSports Bikes
Ls2 Ranger HelmetFull faceSports Bikes
Steelbird Air SBA-2Full faceSports Bikes
Studds Marshall D1Open faceKids
Monarch Junior[Kids]Open faceKids
Vega verveOpen faceLadies, Scooty
Jmd Helmets GrandOpen faceLadies, Scooty
Steelbird SB-27Full faceSports Bikes
Steelbird Hi-Gn SBH-10 Rack BunkerFull faceSports Bikes
Royal Enfield Matt BlueOpen faceCommuter & Cruiser Bikes
Steelbird SBA-1 MahavirFull faceSports Bikes
VEGA OFF ROAD D/V SECRETFull faceSports Bikes

Vega Off-Road Full Face Helmet

Vega is one of my favorite bike accessory businesses, and its goods are consistently well-received. Vega is the most popular helmet in the mid-price range.

The designs are particularly popular among bike aficionados of a younger generation.


  • ISI approved
  • Designed with CAD technology for best fit and comfort.
  • Vents with high capacity intakes
  • Full Face

Studds Marshall SUS_MOFH_MBLKL Open Face Helmet

I’m now wearing a Studds helmet, which is one of India’s greatest open-face bike helmets.

These helmets are ideal for use in the summer because they do not suffocate you due to the tropical climate.

Open-face motorcycle helmets are also useful if you’re going on a lengthy tour because the breeze keeps your face and head dry. Give you a new sensation when riding.

It has a reasonable and comfy design. In India, it’s also one of the best bike helmets under 1000 rupees.


  • The outer shell is made of a special high-impact engineering thermoplastic that has been approved by ISI.
  • Concussion padding is made of regulated density EPS and lined with anti-allergic velveteen.
  • The helmet comes with extra visors in clear, smoke tint, mirror, and rainbow colors.
  • For aesthetic purposes, high-quality UV-resistant Polyurethane paints are utilized.

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