8 Ball Pool – Top Tips to Play this Game Online in an Easy Way

8 Ball Pool – Top Tips to Play this Game Online in an Easy Way

We are here to help you play the 8-ball pool game online as easily as possible. Continue reading to learn some useful hints for playing this skill-based online pool game.


8 ball pool is one of those games that has grown in popularity in recent years. During the pandemic, people have been having a great time playing this online pool game. It is so captivating that you may forget about the current state of our world. So, in the midst of this lockdown, it would be fantastic if we could maximize the fun while minimizing the hassle.

As a beginner, you may not understand the online 8-ball pool game, but after a few games, you will. As previously stated, no one wants to think about complexities and everyone wants to unwind. So we’ve provided you with these simple methods for making 8 ball pool a lot easier to play.

Aim for Easier Shots

If you have easy shots available to you, pot those balls before they are disrupted from their ideal position. When playing pool, your goal is to pot all of your chosen balls before your opponent. So don’t pass up any opportunities to stay ahead of them in the game.

Disrupt Your Opponent’s Chances

If you don’t have any shots to hit or are certain that none of your balls will be potted, then hit one of your balls to negate your opponent’s chances. Move their most obvious shots away from the potholes or land in a location where they cannot be properly hit.

Do not Pot the Wrong Balls

Be careful not to pot the wrong balls when playing pool. Especially if you’re attempting to accomplish the feat mentioned above. Don’t pot their balls to make the game more difficult for them; that would be ridiculous. Also, when potting your balls, make sure they don’t connect and pot your opponent’s ball as well.

Choose the Balls Wisely

If you get the chance to choose the ball types after the game (solid and striped), make sure you choose them carefully. Choose the ones that have been potted the most during the break and are spread in such a way that they are easier to pot.

Hit with Precision

This will either make or break your game. Because this is the entire point of a traditional or online 8-ball pool game, you must hit your balls precisely so that they pot smoothly. As a beginner, it will take some time to learn this, but everyone starts somewhere, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Master a Few Shots Instead of Many

“I fear not the man who practices 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who practices one kick 10,000 times,” Bruce Lee once said. We understand the appeal of knowing a variety of shots; it gives you the impression that you’re a seasoned player. However, mastering one shot that you never miss is far more lethal than being average at multiple shots.

Break the Clumped sections

It is common for balls to collide and obstruct your space in the middle of a game. If the break was not done properly, concentrate on redistributing the balls. A board with all the balls clumped together makes it difficult to play, especially when you’re trying to have fun.

Pay Attention to the Time

Keep an eye on the clock. Avoid becoming so engrossed in the game that you miss out on opportunities. Hitting a missed shot is preferable to not hitting at all. This is common in online 8-ball pool games where players frequently lose track of time.

Powerful Break

If you have the opportunity to break, use your strength and precision to pot multiple balls. This is dangerous territory because you could also pot the cue and 8 balls, but the likelihood is low, so take your chances. When playing pool, there are numerous advantages to this.

Final Thoughts

These are important pointers to remember if you want to play the 8-ball pool game easily. If you were previously in the dark about how to play the skill-based online pool game, this article will clear things up for you. Check out the MPL 8 ball pool app for yourself and take note of your dramatic improvement. Continue to play the online 8-ball pool to unlock new levels in this game.

Understand The Rules

Online 8 Ball Pool has well-defined rules that players must follow. Players cannot agree on which rules apply to their game, unlike when playing the 8 Ball Pool game offline. As a result, it is critical that you understand and apply the rules. Certain rules, such as a) nominating a pocket before potting the 8 Ball and b) failing to hit the designated ball, can help you beat your opponent.

Other important rules to remember when playing online 8 Ball Pool are as follows:

c) The opponent may claim a foul if the cue ball does not strike the edge of the table after each shot. They can then position the cue ball wherever they want for their shot.

d) If a player pots both the cue ball and the 8 Ball, that player loses the game.

There are numerous other rules that can be found on the app itself. Make sure you thoroughly read the rules.

Always Break Strong

When you start the game with a strong break, you have a better chance of beating your opponent. A strong break either pots a handful of 8 Ball Pool balls for you or allows you to spread them out across the board. The latter increases your chances of potting the balls and defeating your opponent.

You can rely on two of the most commonly used techniques to get the strongest break in the online 8 Ball Pool. Hit the ball with maximum force at the very top of the triangle, or hit the edge and try to break the triangle with a reverse bank shot. Both of these methods have been shown to produce excellent results in online 8 Ball Pool games.

Make Good Use Of The Power Bar 

The Power Bar gives online 8 Ball Pool players more control than any other feature. Understanding how to use the Power Bar can make or break your 8 Ball Pool game. Some shots necessitate a delicate approach, while others necessitate a stronger shot that causes the cue ball to travel across the pool table. This can be accomplished by mastering the Power Bar.

Players in online 8 Ball Pool games can accurately pot the ball and be in a good position for their next shot by adjusting the Power Bar. However, learning how to use the appropriate amount of power is difficult. It is necessary to practice and become an expert in using the Power Bar in the online 8 Ball Pool.

Sharpen Your Aiming Skills

The most important aspect of winning a game of 8 Ball Pool is getting your shots right. Online games such as Carrom, Basketball, 8 Ball Pool, and others necessitate a level of accuracy that can be difficult to achieve without diligent practice.

Players will sometimes use tricks to outwit their 8 Ball, Pool opponents. Among these tricks is the use of a piece of paper or any other object with a straight line to determine the straight line or an angle. This trick assists players in determining the best way to hit the object ball with a cue ball. As a result, their chances of potting the ball are much higher, giving them a better chance of winning the 8 Ball Pool game.

Pick Stripes or Solids Carefully

If one wishes to win the game easily after a strong break, it is critical to select the appropriate set of pool balls. When selecting Solids or Stripes, players must consider the number of balls on top of the table as well as their positions. When a player attempts a strong break, a number of balls may be pocketed. Your opponent may break and not end up pocketing any. If you are playing second, always check the position of the pool balls before making a decision. Choose between stripes and solids, depending on which is easier to pocket. To win, you must sometimes make the more logical and obvious choice.

Can’t wait to put everything you’ve just learned to use? Download the MPL App to begin playing online 8 Ball Pool games with some of the best players. Have fun, and start your journey to becoming an expert with these 8 ball pool game tips today.

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