Sri Lanka is Now the First Country in South Asia to Test 5G Standalone

Sri Lanka is Now the First Country in South Asia to Test 5G Standalone

Everyone is getting irritated by the 5G hoopla. Technology has the potential to transform everything. The internet experience will be significantly faster and more dependable than previously thanks to 5G technology. A large number of European countries now have 5G services. But do you know of any South Asian countries that are putting the service to the test? You have it now. It’s the island of Sri Lanka!

5G SA Testing in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan telecommunications operator Dialog Axiata claims to be the first in the South Asian area to successfully trial separate 5G (5G SA) networks.

Sri Lanka’s connection provider expanded the country’s 5G journey and enabled more sophisticated usage scenarios that required 5G SA support, according to the island’s primary mobile network operator, with such a successful 5G SA test.

According to a press release, the operator stressed how 5G SA can bring more advanced network technologies to the country, such as autonomous driving and real-time immersion services, adding that it will open up new business opportunities and enable the 4th industrial revolution.

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In Sri Lanka, 5G is primarily recognized for bringing enhanced mobile broadband to consumers. However, it also enables technologies such as ultra-reliable low-latency facilities and large machine-to-machine communication. It enables applications such as autonomous driving and enhanced real-time interactive services such as AR/VR and massive IoT.

CEO of Dialog Axiata’s statement

Supun Weerasinghe, Dialog Axiata’s Group Chief Executive, issued a statement. “This successful testing of the 5G Standalone (SA) system represents a defining moment in the evolution of connectivity infrastructure not just in Sri Lanka, but also across South Asia.” With the evolution of our 5G infrastructure, we at Dialog are glad to make our country stand out among its global rivals by achieving yet another region-first in innovation, allowing us to provide even better services to our clients.”

Similar experiments have been conducted by the corporation in the past. In 2020, it organized the region’s first 5G testing network. It is the first time in South Asia that a completely standards-based 5G mobile technology has been demonstrated.

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