Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets in India

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets in India

Nothing in this world is more valuable than the life we live. It is critical to take care of it in all aspects of life. We are witnessing an increase in the number of traffic accidents, with statistics indicating that two-wheelers are the leading contributors. Noticing that the government has made helmet use mandatory for both the rider and the pillion rider. Its significance can be enormous. Here is a list of the top ten best motorcycle helmets that will protect you while also making you seem stylish on the roads.

Importance of Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle helmets are extremely crucial when riding a motorcycle. Its principal function is to protect the motorbike rider’s head in the event of an impact. As a result, selecting the proper helmet is critical. The helmet saves the rider’s life by absorbing the force of the hit, which might otherwise inflict significant damage.

The list of Top 10 best motorcycle helmets in India

1. Steelbird Helmet SBA-1

Steelbird SBA-1 is both attractive and strong, making it great for anyone who wishes to be both safe and fashionable. Because of the durable ABS materials used to form the exterior shell, it may provide services for an extended period of time with no maintenance.

Steelbird has given it AUX technology to make its helmet more convenient. This technology allows riders to connect their phones through a cable. With this headwear, you’ll be able to receive calls or listen to music even while riding.

Furthermore, because of this technology, the headpiece does not require an electric battery to function. As a result, you’ll be able to listen to music or make phone calls for as long as your phone’s battery is charged.

2. Vega Crux Flip-up Helmet

This lightweight headgear is considered by many to be the best helmet in India for under 2,000 rupees. As a result, you won’t be bothered when riding with this protective helmet.

In addition, this helmet has excellent ventilation, which can help keep your head from sweating. The majority of people are reluctant to wear helmets due to sweaty heads.

This is not intended for racing, but rather for everyday use. The helmet is considered the most effective because Vega designed it with a well-cushioned inner lining that may protect your head by absorbing impact. This part is anti-allergic and can help to prevent skin irritations and allergies.


The Studds Ninja Elite full-face helmet is available in black and in an extremely big size of 580 MM. This lightweight helmet weighs only 481 grams and is made of durable material to keep you safe in the event of a catastrophic occurrence. It’s scratch-resistant and has a quick buckle.

High-quality UV-resistant Polyurethane paints are utilized for aesthetic enhancement, making it not only safe but also fashionable to wear. For added comfort, while riding, the inner framework of the helmet is regulated with substantial EPS concussion padding lined with specially treated anti-allergic velveteen.

The Studds Ninja Elite helmet has a Polycarbonate visor covered with hard silicon for scratch resistance properties, and the helmet comes with spare visors in clear, smoke tint, mirror, and rainbow. The helmet also comes with an ISI certificate for the excellent ventilation that the design provides. The brand has a significant global presence in over 35 countries, with satisfied and safe customers.

4. Shiro SH-600

The new Shiro helmet is sold on the market by Vega India and is aimed at individuals looking for an honest helmet on a budget. The helmet appears appealing at first glance, with its bright colours and designs. The Shiro is difficult to overlook in terms of visibility.

The rubber seal between the visor and helmet may be a godsend because it prevents precipitation from entering the helmet and hitting your face, which may be useful when riding in India’s severe rains.

It is DOT and ECE/ONU certified. This helmet is the most affordable and professional alternative, with washable liners, an anti-allergic coating, and an excellent double visor. For the same price, you can obtain one comparable in KTM Orange and Matte Grey.

 5. Kranos Viper Premium 

Designer helmets are a terrific way to display your passion for riding, and the Kranos Viper is a great option with DOT certification. It’s wrapped in numerous colours and sports a real Viper on its outer body, complete with razor fangs on all sides. If you’re a racer or a college student who likes to outdo your friends, this is frequently the simplest option for you. It provides comprehensive safety with the head completely covered and the face completely intact, as well as a great fit. And doodled hats are all the rage these days!

6. LS2 FF-352 AIRFLOW 

The LS2 helmets are well-known for their exceptional quality in terms of rider safety and security. This company, known for its incredible quality work and performance, is a little pricey, but it does an excellent job of giving its customers a high degree of safety and comfort with the helmet. The helmet is extremely strong and durable. composed of composite HPTT (High-pressure Thermoplastic Technology Resin) with double protection for the riders and shock resistance It has a high-quality interior with laser-cut foam padding for a perfect fit. For the rider’s comfort, the liner inside the helmet is moisture-wicking, anti-odour, and anti-bacterial. The soft fabric within the liners is detachable, washable, and quick to dry.

7. SMK MA200 

The SMK MA200 is one of the most effective helmets when it comes to comfort. It can make you feel pretty comfortable with a highly efficient ventilating system that provides outstanding breathability and its inner lining that provides a soft and cushioned feeling to your head. As a result, it is the greatest helmet to choose because it ensures that even on a lengthy ride, the headgear will not make you feel sweaty or smothered.

The inside lining of the helmet is designed to be removable. So, when washing it, you’ll be able to remove it and replace it once you’re finished.

The helmet’s exterior shell is both strong and long-lasting.


The helmet’s durable and powerful material will keep its owner safe and alive in the case of an unpleasant catastrophe. The product is available in one size and colour, namely medium and while. The helmet has made it to the list of best in India after being approved by ISI for its outer shield and safety criteria. It has a perfect snug fit, a compact design, and is quite lightweight. The helmet features an elliptical form that is both appealing and elegant. The Active Fast helmet’s smoke visor is scratch-resistant and provides a good and clear vision of the road. The helmet’s impenetrable design provides a safe and convenient ride for the user, and hence the design and snug fit of the helmet ensures


Through its experience, creativity, and new ideas, the Kingsway Armex has achieved tremendous success on a global scale. They realize the value of life and strive to provide the best possible protection to their customers. Its objective is to provide high-quality, comfortable, and safe helmets.

In his Air Huber line, the helmet provides both high-quality and high-comfort levels. Kingway is the greatest because of its lightweight and distinctive design, which decreases wind noise and provides less distraction. These additional features were not accessible in previous Kingsway Armex versions. The helmet weighs about 1.4 kg, and the helmet’s optimal circulation mechanism recycles the air inside the helmet while simultaneously supplying it with fresh air.

10. Vega Verve Helmet

It is regarded as one of the greatest helmet brands in India since, in addition to its beautiful appearance, it has a solid structure that allows it to last for a long time. Despite its sturdy construction, the helmet weighs only 1.24 kg due to its clever design. As a result, even if you wear it for an extended trip, you will not feel at all uncomfortable. The chin lock of the headgear is also quite simple to use and operate due to its superb design.

Because it is an open-face helmet, you can adjust the front flip to your liking. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy tea or coffee and snacks without having to remove them. This open-face design also improves the overall ventilation of the headgear. The visor component of the protective headgear is composed of high-quality glass. As a result, in addition to providing good visibility, it can endure practically any minor scratches and damages

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