Top 10 Telecom Companies in India

Top 10 Telecom Companies in India

The top 10 telecom businesses in India make up a sizable and rapidly growing sector of the economy, with enormous annual sales and a sizable client base. By the start of 2018, India had more than 1,200 million telecom and mobile users, according to sources in the country’s telecommunications sector. Due to a growing population and globalization, telecom businesses in India are projected to see their market share increase as handset prices and call rates continue to drop. India is regarded as having one of the biggest telecom markets in the world, and there are numerous sizable mobile network providers there. The competition between the top telecom firms in India is also anticipated to intensify as call costs decline and the majority of

Market Competition in the Indian Telecom Industry

The telecom industry in India is getting more and more cutthroat. With the introduction of Reliance Jio, the cooperation between Vodafone and Idea, the acquisition of Telenor India by Bharti Airtel, and the bankruptcy filing of Aircel, the market is now only open to major companies. The most anticipated deal in the Indian telecom industry is the merger of Vodafone India and Idea Cellular, which could happen before 2019. The shifting consumer base and rising internet usage will both be significant factors in the Indian industry. Many of these market conditions will determine which 10 telecom companies will dominate India in the upcoming years.

List of Top 10 telecom companies in India

1. Airtel

With more than 270 million subscribers nationwide, Airtel is regarded as one of India’s top telecom providers. The largest network coverage in India is provided by Airtel, the top telecom provider in that nation. Sunil Mittal founded this leading telecom brand in India in 1995, and its corporate headquarters are located in New Delhi, India. The largest of the top 10 Indian telecom corporations, with more than 25,000 employees, was predicted to have revenues of almost $15 billion in 2017.

2. Idea

With a market share of Indian telecom businesses valued at about $5 billion in 2017, Idea is one of the top 10 telecom companies in India. With a countrywide customer base of about 200 million, the greatest telecom providers in India have about 18% of the country’s total telecom market share. The top 10 mobile networks in India were founded in Mumbai, India, by Kumar Mangalam Birla, and they have extensive network coverage throughout the nation. The biggest MNP share for the Indian telecom business belongs to these top telecom companies.

3. Vodafone India

One of the top telecom firms in India, Vodafone is a subsidiary of Vodafone UK, the second-largest telecom business in the world. The Hutchison and Essar groups merged to form the top 10 telecom businesses in India in 1994. One of the top ten mobile networks in India with excellent service and capacity is this country’s best telecom company, which has its headquarters in Mumbai. More than 200 million people are subscribers of this well-known Indian telecom company, which generated over 6.6 billion in revenue last year.


With a sizable market share among Indian telecom firms, BSNL is also among the top providers of telecom services. There are more than 20 telecom circles where this top telecom company in India is present, according to the comprehensive list of the top 10 telecom firms in India. Established in 2000 in New Delhi, India, this top telecom brand now has more than 100 million subscribers nationwide. Additionally, in 2017 the revenues of these top Indian mobile network firms were close to $5,100 million.

5. Reliance Communications

With extensive network coverage across India, one of the world’s largest telecom markets, Reliance Communications is one of the top 10 telecom providers in India. Anil Ambani launched this top 10 mobile network in India in 2002, and the company’s headquarters are in Mumbai. One of the leading telecom businesses in India, with a large customer base of more than 12 million, has yearly revenues valued at $3.5 billion as of 2017. More than 7,000 people work for this well-known telecom corporation, which has a network presence across all 22 of the country’s mobile circles.

6. Aircel

With more than 80 million subscribers nationwide, Aircel was a market leader in the telecom industry. Before declaring bankruptcy, the greatest telecom firm in India always retained a position among the top ten telecom businesses in India. Chinnakannan Sivasankaran started this top mobile network company in India in 1999, and its main office was in Gurgaon, Haryana. Prior to experiencing losses as a result of fierce competition in the Indian telecom business and being forced to declare bankruptcy in February 2018, this telecom brand in India had annual revenues of roughly $1.5 billion.

7. Jio

The newest addition to the biggest telecom market in the world, Jio is one of the top 10 telecom providers in India. Mukesh Ambani created this up-and-coming telecom business in India in 2010, and the company’s headquarters are in Navi Mumbai. With almost 140 million members, this main telecom provider in India boasts one of the lowest call prices among the top providers. Jio has an annual revenue of about $800 million and has a market share of more than 10% among Indian telecom firms.

8. Tata Teleservices

For its top 10 mobile networks in India, Tata Teleservices, a top telecom company, has more than 60 million customers. Ratan Tata launched this leading telecom company in India in 1996. It has its headquarters in Mumbai, India. In several regions of the nation, these mobile network providers in India also provide landline and internet services. Tata Teleservices has more than 2,000 retail locations nationwide and annual revenue of over $490 million.

9. Telenor India

One of the leading and most rapidly growing telecom companies in India is Telenor India. When it first began operations in 2009, this prominent telecom business in India went by the name Uninor. It has its headquarters in New Delhi, India. Sharad Mehrotra founded this top telecom company in India, which now has over 40 million customers and over 4,000 staff members. Since being bought by the Bharti Airtel group in September 2017, one of India’s top mobile network providers has stopped offering services in 7 different mobile circles nationwide.

10. MTNL

The only fully state-owned telecom company on the list of the top 10 telecom companies in India is MTNL, which is owned by the government at 100%. Founded in 1986 in New Delhi, India, this leading telecom firm is currently led by Pravin Kumar Purwar. One of the largest telecom companies in India, this finest telecom company in India has about 4 million subscribers and provides IPTV, landline, and broadband in addition to a mobile network. Around $2 billion in revenue is generated each year by this greatest telecom firm in India.

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