Why the phone hangs and how to fix it

Why the phone hangs and how to fix it

Smartphones are capable of so much that we utilize them for the majority of our everyday duties, yet they, like humans, have a limit to what they can do before breaking down. When a phone hangs, it is most likely because it has been used beyond its capacity. RAM, storage capacity, and how you use your smartphone all have an impact on how quickly activities are completed.

The phone hanging problem, also known as phone freezing or phone crash, is frequent among cellphones. The phone may hang for a variety of causes, ranging from software to hardware failure. In this piece, we’ll look at why your phone keeps hanging up and how you can fix it.

Low ram

A phone with limited RAM capacity can only operate a limited amount of apps at once. Using many apps on a low-ram phone frequently causes the phone to hang, especially if you’ve been using it for a long period.

Low storage

Smartphone storage capacity is limited, and there is only so much you can store on your device before it fills up. Data such as videos, games, and photos take up a lot of space on our phones, and enough storage space is essential for your smartphone to complete activities continuously. Using up more than 80% of your device’s storage space will almost certainly result in your phone stalling or freezing.

Malware apps

Mobile apps downloaded from untrustworthy sites or sources usually contain viruses (malware) that are hazardous to your phone. These infections disrupt your phone’s background activities, eventually causing it to hang up.


Continuous use of your phone when it is heating up leads it to hang and occasionally restart. A smartphone’s temperature should be between 35 and 38 degrees Celsius; anything greater is irregular and will cause the phone to hang.

Obsolete Software

Your phone may potentially hang if your software is out of the current. System software is routinely updated to address bugs that may prevent your phone from performing efficiently.

There are numerous variables that can cause your phone to hang, the majority of which are software-related. The solutions provided here can be utilized to resolve phone hanging issues caused by insufficient memory or malicious apps.


Clear recent data

Several apps on your phone store data while you use them, which clogs your phone’s ram and causes your phone to hang. To remove the most current data; Navigate to SETTINGS >>> APPS >>> CHOOSE A REGULARLY USED APP (e.g., a browser) >>> >>> STORAGE COMPLETE DATA. Apply this method to other apps you use regularly to free up memory and reduce hanging.

Uninstall suspicious apps

Applications that are not downloaded from your phone’s regular app store frequently contain viruses that impair the functioning of your device. Uninstall these apps and avoid downloading software from untrustworthy sources to avoid malware that affects your phone’s functionality.

Use Antivirus

Viruses can be extremely persistent, necessitating the usage of anti-virus software to remove them. Navigate to your phone’s App Store, type “antivirus” into the search field, and then download your favorite antivirus app. Launch the app and scan your files for viruses that may be causing your phone to hang.

Avoid heavy games/videos and use them for long periods

Playing large-sized games takes up a lot of memory on your phone while it’s operating, and doing so for extended periods of time strains your phone’s capabilities, resulting in it hanging. Avoid playing these games on phones with low RAM, and if you must, do not play for an extended amount of time.

Download & install the latest software

Your phone’s software and other apps are updated on a regular basis, and these upgrades typically include bug fixes that may resolve any issues you’re having with your phone or certain apps. It is advised that you download and install system upgrades for your phone in order to resolve any phone hanging or freezing issues caused by the previous software version.

Delete Irrelevant files

Irrelevant data and apps take up storage space on your phone, and your phone needs enough storage to function properly. Delete large films or games from your phone to free up space and allow it to run smoothly.

Get external memory

If your phone’s storage is insufficient to hold the files you require, you will most likely need to delete files on a frequent basis to keep your phone from hanging. Get an SD card that can hold all of your crucial stuff while yet allowing your device to perform properly.

Reset factory settings

If none of the preceding suggestions work, it is recommended that you reset your phone’s OS. This remedy, also known as a factory reset, will give your phone’s OS a fresh start, but make sure you backup your data beforehand so you don’t lose any crucial information.

Smartphones with higher-end specs are less likely to hang when compared to inexpensive devices with lower-end hardware. Whatever phone you have, the solutions above should resolve your phone hanging issue.

Where to fix your phone with hanging problems

If your phone is still hanging after following all of these steps, it is most likely due to a hardware problem. In such instances, it is recommended that you take your phone to a reputable phone repair company.


The approved after-sales service provider for Itel, Infinix, and TECNO is dependable and well-equipped to repair any problem you may be having with your phone hanging or freezing. If you’ve tried all of the above steps and they haven’t worked, take your phone to any Carlcare service location near you to get it fixed.

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